Creator rules over His Kingdom. God’s Kingdom includes everything He is and does.

Participants in Advancing God's Kingdom

Welcome to participating in God’s Kingdom. Let me introduce a few basic ideas and then move into more complexity. Every soul is invited to your next level of motivation. 


Creator wants to connect with each one of His human creatures on a personal, familial level. 

"I am your Father" he says to each of us. As you seek to connect with Creator, He will reveal Himself to you.


The primary direction is to seek first His Kingdom. 

You want to understand more about both the heavens and the earth, and all that is within them. This is His created Kingdom, in which you live, move, and have your being. 


Each of us will appreciate our cultures more when we understand how they operate. 

Enjoy learning about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen, in your community, your region, your state, your nation, your continent, your world. 

It's glorious and should be appreciated and celebrated.


As you increase your understanding, you will be able to direct your choices 

to maximize your impact upon improving the lives of those around you. 

Set your mind on good and beneficial activities that improve your cultures. 

I’m just another soul, like you, with limited energy each day. 

My capacity is insufficient for the massiveness of this cosmos – 

it is beyond my capacity to comprehend with much detail. My reality humbles me.

But Creator showed us the top of puzzle box. 

We can see the outlines, like "seeing in a mirror dimly." 

We can see the big picture of His plan for this place, His creation, His Kingdom. 

He knows it perfectly, and so I rest under Him – “under the shadow of the almighty,” 

as King David penned from the powerful fellowship he enjoyed with Creator (Psalm 91:1, cp Ex. 33:22, et al).

Creator says, "Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden; and I will give you rest." 

He will also provide comfort, and power to live for others!

"Come as you are" the great evangelists say, 

because they all know that Father loves every one of His soul-kids.

Start by reading (or rereading) Genesis 1 - 3, 

and the Ten Word outline of the whole purpose of God on RoughDrafts (blog).