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Mission 2019

To support with prayers and resources at least one Orphanage 

in each nation of the United Nations 

by Dec. 31, 2020.


Q1 2019: Five (5) orphanages have been identified and resourced 

with petitions and provisions.

Locations listed by Continent: Nation

  • Africa: The Gambia, Nigeria, Uganda ...
  • America: N: USA ...  S:
  • Antarctica:
  • Asia: India ...
  • Australia:
  • Europe

Help us reach more nations faster. 

If you are "even curious" please send a Contact Form. 

To progress from Curious to Confident, a phone conversation/text/Tweet 

informs you about all that is going on with

Advancing God's Kingdom.

Leaders lead together on how your contribution will be used for feeding the world, 

each nation, each community, every culture. 

Creator is partial to every soul.

Pick a Project

Pick a Project


You can choose an Orphanage Project to support and connect with personally. You can communicate directly with the people and see your contribution bring comfort immediately.

If you are "making a living" then likely you don't have much to spare. But you will be amazed what $25 will do a family in need.

If you are "thriving" then you will be amazed that you can get a school named after you for a $10K invest in a community that will help souls for decades ahead. Remember, God is expecting exponential returns on the "oil" he entrusted us with.

Abundance Complex #1 - Brikama, The Gambia


Updates on the Homepage of AGK. 

As of late February 2019, the village leadership council met to consider where to build the orphanage (aka AC#1).  "The heart is full but the coffers are empty."

Due to shortage in funds continuing to April, we have "been slow" in answering their prayers to the Father. 

This pains me extraordinarily, as I suffer with my "kids" who have had tremendous challenges (detained over hospital bills, unpaid landlords, and not enough food to survive). 

Pray for their faith to endure imprisonment, homelessness and starvation.

Abundance Complex #2 - Lagos, Nigeria


Updates on the Homepage of AGK

As of early April 2019, Little Shepherd Orphanage was funded to pour the foundation for their orphanage school. 

This orphanage is well established, 

operating since 1991. 

AGK is helping fund the building of a Primary and Secondary School this summer 2019. 

Participate with us.

AC#3 - Tamil Nadu, India


Selva is overwhelmed by the realities of insufficient doctors and medical care for his dad who has brain cancer. 

May his father's ailment, and Selva's bravery to cast his vision line, become a turning point for this family, this community, in the state of Tamil Nadu, one of 29 states in 7 Union Territories of India.

AC#4 - South Carolina, USA


Pastor Chuck Swindoll recommended this orphanage in South Carolina, headed by Evangelist Jeffrey Flood.

AC#5 - Kampala City, Uganda


The nation of Uganda, in the capital Kampala District has 5 subcounties, 76 parishes and 3210 villages (pop. 2M). Kampala is the 13th fastest growing city on the planet. 

The ministry team, Worldwide Apostolic Church, is reaching villages in Kitintale, Kasokoso, and Kiswa, and others. 

They have blueprint plans 

for an orphanage. 

"Abundance Complex denotes the spirit of expectation that follows our participation. 

We breed hope with resources." 

Pray Father excites our imaginations to innovate positive perspectives about transforming ourselves toward production in our local cultures.

Abundance Complexes! 


Those in Need

Whatever you see as your need

God's Kingdom has resources to catch you.

Drop us a line! 

We'll put a fish on your hook - the first step in teaching you how to fish.  You have to be brave enough to cast your vision line!

The people/groups/cultures listed below have requested assistance, and have been initially screened for authenticity. And, "test everything and hold to that which is good." We are looking for souls who will be able to replicate abundance complexes.

  • Selva in India

Those with Seed

When you have been wise to generate more income than your family needs, then you have abundance to share with neighbors in need. Congratulations on Thriving.

See the listing of those in needs and do something that makes you feel good and valuable to another soul. 

 You are free to connect with them, counsel with them, and if a mutual benefit is present, please support through WorldRemit. Use referral code DarrenH114 for a 20% addition to gifts of $100 or more. 

Only with your permission, we can offer ways for you to contribute to Support Orphans with an Abundance Complex. 

Connect Now

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Tell us how we can help you.

The link Nations is a link to the United Nations. So much to learn there. 

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