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International Mission Board has been the strong arm of service supported by Southern Baptist Churches and others participating in the Cooperative Program, since 1845, before California was a state member of the USA. Sidenote: Californians should be curious about Karl Marx's doubts of California's successful capitalism. 

Some say, "Never follow Marx!"

Pastor Chuck Swindoll oversees Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. He also produces many invaluable resources on Insight For Living. He is chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, which offers an incredible process called LEAD at the Hendricks Center. His work and his personal connections have been monumental in my life.

Pastor John MacArthur and all that God grew in his garden of production. 

He persuaded me on the value of Creator's communication. The late Dr. Thomas rests in the glory as communicated through the Bible. The Master's Seminary has produced so many great leaders! 

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is by far the biggest dog (as in Service Dogs - see my Twitter post for details). The now-rejoicing Billy Graham is fellowshipping with all the saints who went before him, celebrating with Creator. Franklin Graham, Billy's son, has shone his own brilliance with Samaritan's Purse, and continues preaching all over the world. Franklin's son Will is following and expanding the path forged by his granddad and dad. These men have moved mountains to seek and save the lost. Personally, I ventured into their disciplemaking processes, and it is amazing. 

Access the most popular and most helpful resources of the John Maxwell Team. John's crystallization of dynamic processes into simple, child-like explanations is, to me, phenomenal. The John Maxwell Team, under the leadership of Paul Martinelli, is the biggest and best leadership development organization on the planet right now. Whatever your leadership development "needs" and/or "wants" may be, whether in a religious culture or a business culture, we can help you choose what best suits your situation, and improves your production significantly.

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This platform is intended to reach all the nations of the United Nations - in fact every soul on every soil of Earth. 

While all of the above Resources find their source from Genesis 1 - 3, we all know that there are many "belief systems." In fact, each soul has its own belief system. It's called your worldview. And it is controlled only by you, and whoever you have to work with to stay alive. 

We understand, because we are all just like each other in that way. We find ourselves in a world that we do not understand perfectly. And we all make choices that seem like the most fulfilling. It's all okay now. Creator knows us ... everything about us ... and He says, "Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden; and I will give you rest."

This is a cooperative effort open to all organizations, (whether "for profit" or "non-profit) and individuals within all the nations. This site is free. We aim to free those captive to the lies of Lucifer into the truth of Creator.  Our first mission will always be to serve the most needy. Mission 2019 is the expression of that. Help us connect needs to resources. 

If you have needs, leads, or seeds, please use the Contact Form to let us know how we can help you bring your ideas to life, effect an innovation, and create an advanced perspective.  

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