Creator rules over His Kingdom. God’s Kingdom includes everything He is and does.

Sunday Night Dinner & Game

Just offer it. Once a year to start. Launch it (after football) this weekend. 

Dinner is up to you to provide and fashion a fitting celebration of your family. Dads, Moms, Auntie, whoever and however you fit as a unit. It's your clan. Spend some time together (whatever "name" you may call it in your culture). Like they do on the series Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck's role as commissioner of New York's 1PP.

Game: Pick a Nation. Open up through AdvancingGodsKingdom.org, click the link Nations, and let the kids choose. Learn about a people in a place you didn't understand but are curious about. Then look it up on Google Earth. It'll elevate you to see over your cultures' fences.

Let us know how it goes on the Contact Card "in the front of your pew" or you can conveniently use the Contact Form on the splashpage/homepage