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Dr. Hulbert attempts to simplify complex issues and clearly communicate content. He writes often during the week, following the currents of the Wall Street Journal or just sharing insights about his personal participation in God's Kingdom.

Live Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Dr. Hulbert is flexing his schedule to accomodate requests to participate in live corporate events as a guest teacher, preacher, communicator. Please contact the event coordinator for scheduling: Events@AdvancingGodsKingdom.org 

Confidential Coaching

Our team of highly qualified counselors, including Dr. Hulbert, conduct FREE initial consultations. Depending on your needs, we can assist you in finding options for improving your performance. From personal relationships to income-generation strategies, we want to motivate your innovations that effect greater levels of peace, confidence, and production. Click on the Participate Now button, and let your requests flow. Feed your curiosities with facts to illuminate your imaginations.

Pray for Leaders

Leaders bear the weight of caring for others. Connect with Creator to grow your understanding, and ask ... that their minds focus, their hearts strengthen, and their bodies energize to innovate their cultures. 

Check the United Nations websites to learn of all the nations and cultures who are eager to build stronger peace-loving cooperation. Use Google Earth to see your world. Learn the names and personalities of the nations' leadership teams. 

Feed your cultures by introducing a nation or two (or take on a continent) to concentrate on! Make it a family project to learn about your world. Enjoy!

And as you learn more about what interests you, take appropriate action that empowers the leaders' successful service to their citizens and guests. Let's participate in building better nations faster.This is one means of participating in advancing God's Kingdom.

Give to Organizations that You Believe In

Jeff Bezos is the current "richest man in the world" (Est Net Worth $150B in Aug 2018). He is the founder of retail giant, Amazon.com. He has a wonderful site for donating to organizations that want to do more good work in the world. Choose to invest in one of those organizations if your heart desires to participate. Feed your world.

Go to Simple Amazon and select AdvancingGodsKingdom.org as one of the organizations to support (80% of support is forwarded to UN organizations like the World Food Program and World Health Organization). AGK aspires to become the recommended resource for spiritual education through the UN. Participate now.

Feed Your World

Start with you. Learn to feed yourself food and data so you can lead your primary culture of your family. Learn about how you learn. Grow your comprehension of your strengths and hangups. And build your life from the soul outward. AGK has costly educational processes that are offered freely to all who are thirsty, and meatier materials for those with bigger appetites!

As you learn to bask regularly in connection with Creator, you increase your appreciation of the satisfactions of peace and joy. You will increase your vision so that you see more clearly that your existence is perfectly corrected by Creator's actions. You'll understand "why and how" you can participate in advancing God's Kingdom with 100% joy! It's "living" that you never want to end. You were created to never cease, so start enjoying as soon as possible. Read the first blog "Begin Now". 

About Us

Personal Development

We can help you develop a customized plan that will enable you to understand your life, your gifts, and how to make consistently greater impact in your cultures.

So, why live?  What is it about the human condition that empowers us to get up to face a new day? This is the routine (night and day) of our existence. And as your better understand yourself, your culture, and your present situations, knowledge will guide you to progress more confidently. 

Let's figure out how you can empower your soul toward improvement.


Our Projects

Learning is the central skill of innovation. 

Dr. Hulbert writes blogs to help him (and those who read) to better understand his experiences. Those experiences are full of numerous thought processes that he tries to capture in prose. It's not like reading a newspaper - its more poetic than that (at least it is for him).

The blogs may excite your imagination about how you can advance your progress. Our hope is that you will want to see the full processes. As you learn more, you will inspire your creativity to innovate your cultures.

We impact individuals so they can impact their cultures. This will improve communities all over the Earth. These are the underlying themes of civilizations throughout history. This is how Creator advances His Kingdom. Building stronger souls who build better cultures where freedom empowers innovation.

Kingdom Investor Group

Like you, we must generate income streams to "pay for" expenses ... and also like you, we want more production so that we can give to those who have need. 

Kingdom Investor Group will teach you "how to fish" in your culture, so that you can be an example that others now want to follow.

Millions of career opportunities await discovery. Get started now. Learn a craft that can develop into a career.

Professionally, Dr. Hulbert works as a Retirement Benefits Counselor with the Lotter Group in Newport Beach, CA. He alongside his wife Joyce, who is a rockstar in this business, primarily work with public school employees throughout California. Soon they will be certified as Registered Investment Advisors, so they can educate just about anyone anywhere on the planet. 

Click on the website below to learn about securing your FREE consultation. Saving money so that you don't have to work for the rest of your life is just a simple plan. Handle your talents efficiently as a good steward of the cash your gifts generate. 



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