Creator regulates His cosmos. God’s Kingdom includes everything He is and does.

How do you see the world? Especially amidst COVID-19?

When you look at Michelangelo's painting above, what do you see?

This portrait painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome by 1512.

pictures Creator urgently seeking to Rescue mankind.

even while humans don't recognize the urgency.

The details on this site earnestly plead for attention and application. 

Welcome to Advancing God's Kingdom.

What is Creator doing?

Learn about Creator to make sense of this cosmos.

Since the beginning, Father enjoyed fellowship with humans. The first scene of this interaction was in a place known as The Garden of Eden. 

Instead of listening to people's opinions, please take a moment to read Genesis 1 - 3 (see above). 

You can read it, break it down, looking at scenes, and identify basic ideas that 

form the fabric of human interactions and cultures.

Learning is the objective.  

Below are some "big picture" concepts to help you gain "big picture" perspectives.

If you have questions, you can always complete a Contact Card. Also refer others to critique the content herein. 


The Holy Bible in 10 Words


Creator Created Creatures Corrupted Son Saves King Will Come Again

To summarize the flow of content in the Holy Bible that is contained in Genesis 1 - 3.  

Enjoy the processes you see in the ten topics. 

Creator Created

Creatures Corrupted

Son Saves

King Will Come Again

Outline the details as you Read Genesis 1 - 3  for yourself on the link above. Grab a pad and pen and write down your questions. Father will teach you as you ask Him.

Receive Creator's communication to His creatures. It explains what is happening on this planet and in this entire cosmos. This cosmos is God's Kingdom. 

See the next "big picture view" of the Holy Bible formatted into a timeline.

Kingdom of God Timeline

Learn about Creator & His Cosmos


Creator & His Cosmos

This site ushers you into a meeting with Creator about His Cosmos. 

Advancing God's Kingdom exists to encourage learning, living, and teaching the Gospel of God's Kingdom.

"This is eternal life: to know Him" - Creator God fashioned the heavens and the earth (aka cosmos) and everything that exists within it. 

Each human on this planet is part of this cosmos, and each can know the One who made it, sustains it, and perfectly corrected it. He wants you to know how it operates now. 

Challenges. You experience cultures, systems, and strategies all the time. It's confusing. Everyone seems to be pulling you into this or wanting that from you. You learn not to trust humans, which is a good lesson. 

Other people are confused also. This whole world is irrational. By "irrational" I mean no human knows everything. We don't even know everything about anything. So we cannot "prove" anything perfectly. So we learn to work in "probabilities" using "risk assessments."

Still, it is good to gain a clearer understanding about your life and how you can best operate to achieve what you long for. 

You do have wants and needs, right? You do recognize that you want to understand more data so that you can stay alive longer, find resources, and make a living? You might even like to have a special mate for those loving circumstances, right? Creator will explain the "Owner's Manual" to you. 

A library of connections. You can connect directly to Father as you spend some time learning the Owner's Manual. He is the owner, and He provided a written communication manual. It's best to start at the beginning. It reads, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." 

Finish the first 3 chapters of Genesis (see above Gensis 1-3). If you have questions, write them down and ask God. It's a process called fellowship with Father. He will teach you. 

When you want assistance, Advancing God's Kingdom is here to help with a plethora of data and connections to help you understand what you now want. We have connections throughout the United Nations.

Welcome to Advancing God's Kingdom (AdvancingGodsKingdom.org).

Dr. Darren D Hulbert, Executive Director

How do you see god's kingdom?


What do you see now?

Each person "sees" a reason for living. 

It might be curiosity alone, because there is no "ultimate reality" apparent to you. 

It might be a hopeless future, because you conclude there is no purpose in this world.

The oldest historical contract is God's revelation in Genesis 1 - 3. It explains answers to all the major questions human ask. 

Each person can read the contracts that are in the Holy Bible, and make her/his own conclusions. 

Our team would love to hear your thoughts. Use a Contact form and let us know.

History of Humanity's Corruption

We all agree that humans are imperfect, with imperfect knowledge, and desperately corrupt behaviors. Each wants to survive and then expand control within her/his environments.

In addition, today it is good to see the process foretold to our species by Creator Himself. He had had direct communication with humans since the beginning. Each of us today participates in this temporary experience called life. 

We acknowledge things intuitively (love and peace for example), as if moral laws are written inside our mental programming. This is what Creator installed when He created us in His image. We are like God in that our soul (our central control center) will never cease to exist, learn, and draw conclusions. Each of us will exist forever, because Father created us that way. 

Learn about Creator and He will explain how this cosmos has operated in the past, how it operates now, and how it will operate in future sequences. The plan is evident in Creator's contracts.

Creator's Contracts

Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 is the seven days of forming and filling the initial mass of water. 

This contract was initially written by Adam from His fellowship with Father. 

Genesis 2:4 - 4:26 is the second contract that describes how the cosmos was corrupted, and how Father acted to preserve the cosmos to endure amidst the corruption. Despite entropy, evangelism continues.

These two contracts are the only remaining written documents that survived the cataclysm known as the Flood. Consider the implications of this historical theory. I only call it "theory" because in all of human existence after the corruption, man is imperfect, and thus has imperfect knowledge, and really cannot prove anything perfectly. So, it is "theory" or "science fiction." We just don't know anything perfectly. 

Post-Flood Contracts

Human "history" that I learned at UCLA begins with the examination of the first civilizations. The first civilization cited in historical records is Sumer. Sumer was located in the region south of Mount Ararat in the Fertile Crescent. 

Dates for Sumer are around 3000 BCE. This is the time that Noah lands on Mount Ararat. Imagine that. That is too close to call it coincidental. 

Within 400 years, we see the dawning of three centers of civilization: Mesopotamia in the Fertile Crescent, Egypt along the southern coast of the Meditteranean sea, and Indus Valley near present day Pakistan and India. 

Around 2600 BCE, we also find civilizations developing on each continent of the new world. Why? The Tower of Babel fiasco occurs around 2600 BCE. 

This is not coincidence. It is history. It is how Creator caused the people to spread out over the whole earth, to be fruitful and multiply.

Offspring of Noah

Noah and his clan landed the Ark on a new geologic feature, that previously did not exist. The Earth prior to the Flood was one landmass called Pangea. But Pangea was broken up and reformatted into the present seven continents during the year that Noah's boat floated on the waters. All but Antartica were inhabited by 2600 BCE. 

How do you explain that? The Bible explains it. 

Moreover, Jesus and John foretold an Apocalypse. Humans would participate in a global system, whereby if people did not follow the leadership systems, they will not be able to buy or sell. In 1945, the United Nations launched this global system. Soon, 5G technology will move the world into a global surveillance system. 

How do you explain that?

Creator has explained all of it in His contracts within the book called the Holy Bible. 

Bible Teachers

Many Bible learners exist all over the Earth today. You can read the Bible on your own, and you can find others who also learned its message. See Resources page for further information.

Meanwhile, Advancing God's Kingdom exists as an Internet platform for aiding you in making connections. First connect the dots of purpose. And then you can connect with sources of production so that you can be fruitful and multiply. 

Another resource for figuring out how to survive in this world and learn to make a living is Kingdom Investor Group (KingdomInvestorGroup.com).

Worship serviceS


"Beyond Denominational" Worship Service

Dr. Hulbert can arrange the details to offer the additional benefit of a worship service during weekend business conferences or business seminars. 

Click the Contact Form and request service for your next weekend event.

Online Access to Harvest with Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Church in Riverside, CA.


Pastor Craig Groeschel has a 24-7 access to Worship Services and prayer teams. 

Mission 2019: Establishing Abundance Complexes


Our primary mission is connecting "Those in Need" to "Those with Seed."  

In particular, we want to support orphans through orphanages.

AGK accomplishes this by transforming cultures and/or starting new orphanages in each nation of the United Nations. Thousands of organizations have been doing this for centuries. We want to create a platform to expand those efforts. 

Every soul matters! You can support this effort with a small monthly contribution. We have seven projects operating now and you can help.

See the link above: Mission 2019

Contact Us

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Questions & Estimates

Please reach out at your convenience so we  can discuss your project.  

Advancing God's Kingdom



Dr. Hulbert's Blog, called Rough Drafts


My attempts to capture thoughtbergs 

and connect them together into motivational prose. 

About Advancing God's Kingdom

Advancing God's Kingdom is a not-for-profit corportaton, founded in 2001 

by Darren Hulbert, to preach the Gospel of God's Kingdom 

within the business community of the United States. 

God blessed a few hundred souls through these efforts.

In August 2018, bigger developments occurred. 

The objectives expanded to reach the United Nations. 

Mission 2019 developed in January 2019. 

It is massive, and envisions providing orphans resources to advance 

from desperation to surviving into thriving. 

We believe you are going to enjoy this site, and all the connections 

you will make. Take a moment to drop us a note.

Also, see current issues of interest on Twitter @DrDHulbert.

Financial support: Our primary sponsor is Kingdom Investor Group. 

If you would like to contribute and sponsor an Abundance Complex, 

leave a message on the Contact Form above. 

OTHER Projects


Personal Development

Kingdom Investor Group

Personal Development

You can develop a customized plan that will enable you to better understand your life, your gifts, and how to make consistently greater impact in your cultures.

So, why live?  What is it about the human condition that empowers us to get up to face a new day? This is the routine (night and day) of our existence. And as you better understand yourself, your culture, and your present situations, knowledge will guide you to progress more confidently. 

Let's figure out how you can empower your soul toward consistent improvement.

See Blog/Rough Drafts for details and overviews. Processes will be up soon too, so bookmark this site.

Together, we are advancing God's Kingdom. Let's do it better, faster.



Motivated Bahaviors

Kingdom Investor Group

Personal Development

Learning is the central skill of innovation. Explanations impact individuals so they can innovate their cultures, starting with themselves. This will improve communities all over the Earth. These are the underlying themes of civilizations throughout history. This is how Creator advances His Kingdom. Building stronger souls who build better cultures where freedom empowers innovation.

BLOGS/ROUGH DRAFTS: As an example, Dr. Hulbert writes to coach himself (and those who read) to better understand experiences, and how to improve (i.e. Repentance). His personal reflections on his own challenges are full of numerous thought processes that he attempts to capture in prose. 

It's not like reading a newspaper - its more poetic than that (at least it is for him). So bear with the "unedited journaling" and you will gain distinctions and nuances of insight that help your excel still more.

The blogs excite imagination about how you can advance your progress. Our hope is that you will want to see the full processes, and we can refer you specialists in whatever field piques your interest. As you learn more, you will inspire your creativity to innovate your cultures. This is how we advance God's Kingdom - one soul at a time.

Let's empower souls all over the world, 

from populations in 

The Indus Valley to Siberia, 

from Cape Town to Greenland, 

from Argentina to Anchorage, 

all along the Ring of Fire, 

from Australia around the world to Alaska, 

for the indigenous to the indigent. 

God loves every one of His hand-made kids!

Creator doesn't ask permission to fulfill His mission. But He invites every organization to receive power to play their roles to the highest and best giftedness of each participant.

Build stonger souls to empower better organizations on all the continents ... Now!


Kingdom Investor Group

Kingdom Investor Group

Kingdom Investor Group

In most nations, souls generate income streams to "pay for" expenses ... and like you, each wants more production so that we have enough to share with those in need. 

Kingdom Investor Group will teach you "how to fish" in your culture, so that you can be an example that others now want to follow.

Millions of career opportunities await discovery through the Kingdom Investor Group. Learn a craft that can develop into a career.

Professionally, Dr. Hulbert works as a Retirement Benefits Counselor with the Lotter Group in Newport Beach, CA. He alongside his wife Joyce, who is a rockstar in this business, primarily work with public school employees throughout California. Our team has Registered Investment Advisors who can educate anyone anywhere on the planet. 

We are passionate about helping people  build income-generating vehicles. We show what is available to you, and you choose what you believe best suits your objectives.

We teach people how to save money so that they have abundance. Saving money into vehicles that are secure is wise, and enables people to live off wise investments and        thrive for the rest of their lives. 

Our team will help you discover and exercise your "best giftedness" so you can make a living, start saving, and be serving. This is how to handle your "talents" efficiently as good stewards of Creator's resources. 

Click on the website below to learn about securing your FREE consultation. Having enough to live and share abundantly empowers us to serve others in Advancing God's Kingdom. 



What we Aim to Do

Your Connections Now

Fruitionate Your Vision

Your Connections Now


You are invited to participate in this online community.  Our unique approach is connecting with a soul at the common ground of “existing on earth” and "being human."

Let's start on the common ground of sharing a common lineage that stepped off the Ark in Ararat (wherever you think that is).  

You exist and live. Read Creator’s words that explain what “being alive” means. You can read it on your own. The author's words instruct. (Gen. 1-3 is on home page. Stop and read it now if you can).

Others will want to help "clarify" an overview, and then go into many details; but those are "other humans" who have their own cultured perspectives. You are free to learn on your own, relying on the author's words. 

You will learn the outline for the whole purpose of your life in God’s creation. In other words, you'll find help to understand the puzzle of your life. You'll look at the big picture. It helps you fit the existing pieces of your life together so that it makes complete sense to you.

Presently, you have needs that must be satisfied or you will die. Let’s address and meet those needs: water, food, shelter, safety, and connections. Meanwhile, you can learn how the One who made you wants you to participate in His Kingdom forever and ever.

And as you understand more, you can connect with people in your community who want to help you learn to live in God’s fellowship and on God’s earth. You will be so overjoyed that you will want to help others enjoy Creator God too. 

Each soul longs for the things that only God provides: a perfect companion who will never fail you, who will protect and nurture you, and who will empower you to help others.

We will help you figure out your skills too; and find a place to showcase your talents. We will help you impact your family and the people around you – your culture!

As you learn to function more efficiently, you will also be learning about your bigger culture, like your region, your state, your nation. And you can happily submit to whatever is demanded of you. And then, if it is really bad, and you have opportunity to change your culture, go for it – but with gentleness and reverence. 

You exist where you were born, and where your “family” brought you. God will teach you how to survive and eventually thrive as you lead those around you to connect with Creator and get to work in His Kingdom.  

Welcome to “humanity” in Creator’s Kingdom. Make the most of every minute. So much to learn. Let’s get to work.

Pray for Leaders

Fruitionate Your Vision

Your Connections Now


Leaders bear the weight of caring for others. Join them by laboring in prayer for them, like the two dudes held up Moses' hands. 

One way Prayer "happens" is when you connect with Creator on behalf of care-givers, asking for wisdom to empathize (to "feel their stress")! Patiently learn about the pressures, threats, opportunities and expectations that they are bearing as they stand of the pedestal of leadership.

Ask God to grow your understanding of what others feel. Then ask for comfort and wisdom:  for them and for you as together we move forward as cultures in a multicultural-maze of the United Nations. Life is full of challenges. 

Overcoming challenges is a definition of "success"! Ask God to enable minds (both yours and the leaders') - minds focused on excellence, hearts strengthened in love, and bodies energized for innovations. Building better cultures today. 

It is so good to be alive!!!! This our time! Let's take it together! Advancing God's Kingdom!

Check the United Nations websites to learn about nations and cultures (both your's and others') - all of whom are eager to build stronger peace-loving cooperation. 

But how? This is the heart of the United Nations! Desperately-needy souls cover the globe. Today, take a small sequence of actions to support yourself to find another culture to support. Think, empathize, pray and fellowship in their traumas; and then act!  I have to tell you the live-action story in The Gambia as part of Mission 2019.

Take action in whatever way "makes sense" to you. Just a little to start. You can always add more later! Do leave us a note so we can pray with you, as you positively impact hope into cultures.

Build confidence by overcoming challenges. Start with a little now. Learn the name and location of "new nation" for you. See the Nation Location game on "Nations" link above.

Use Google Earth to see your world. Learn the names and personalities of the nations' leadership teams. Feed your cultures by introducing a nation or two (or take on a continent) to concentrate on! Make it a family project to learn about your world. Enjoy!

And as you learn more, feed your curiosities. Figure out what interests you most, and take appropriate action that empowers the leaders' successful service to their citizens and guests. This simple outline (sequence) is one expression of your participation in building better nations faster. Recognize what He is doing and join His effort! This is advancing God's Kingdom!

Fruitionate Your Vision

Fruitionate Your Vision

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars


As you innovate improvements in your communities/cultures, you are advancing God's Kingdom. Please share your vision with the world. We have a platform here called "My Best Ideas." Ideas are like cells in the human body that can replicate to keep the body growing. You are invited to Participate Now ==> click the button and share your insights for helping others live a more abundant life!. 

Throughout this website, anyone can access valuable educational processes that will feed your soul so that you have an abundance to share with others. There is water for all who are thirsty; and meatier materials for those with bigger appetites! 


As you connect with Creator, you feel His heart: "For God so loved the kosmos" (GkJ316). He loves His creation, and went to great expense to provide perfection for all who will receive it. This is the Gospel of God's Kingdom. 

And for all polluted-by-imperfection "preachers" like me, we're just beggars who found a stash of steaks; and there is so much here that we are willing to invite whoever will come! Jesus tells the story of wedding feast that has a similar ring to it. You are invited. Why would you say "No Thanks" to perfection?


For us who say, "I'm all in!" ... this online community is about finding improvements to maximize our production for advancing God's Kingdom all over this planet!


Work with Creator 

   · to increase your appreciation of the satisfactions of peace and joy; 

   · to enhance your vision to see more clearly that your existence is perfectly corrected by Creator's actions; 

   · to understand "why and how" questions better;

   · to participate in advancing God's Kingdom with 100% joy;

   · to experience "living" that you never want to end. This is a foretaste of what eternal life means!

You were created to never cease, so start enjoying as much as you can as soon as you can. 

Learn what this means: 





Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars


CULTURES: Literally there are billions of organizations/cultures operating simultaneously within the 193 established nations on Earth. Each soul has a personal culture, a family culture, a work culture, and other cultures for meals and entertainments. 

Each "culture" operates essentially the same way. They are man-made hierarchical organizations of imperfect people - thus corrupted. Corruption demands two things: forgiveness and correction; and forgiveness and learning, and again, and again. Cultures provide both. Test and approve the better practices by measuring with the narcissism sniff test. More on that in the blogs. 

Dr. Hulbert welcomes requests to participate in live corporate events as a guest teacher, preacher, communicator. Please contact the event coordinator for scheduling: Events@AdvancingGodsKingdom.org 

Coaching / Mentoring

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Give to Organizations that You Believe In



When you have any questions, concerns, or worries, our team of highly qualified counselors, including Dr. Hulbert, conduct FREE consultations. Contact us with Contact Card above, or on Twitter @DrDHulbert.

Depending on your needs, we can assist you in finding options for improving your performance. From personal relationships to income-generation strategies, we want to motivate your innovations that affect greater levels of peace, confidence, and production. 

Complete the Contact form, and let your requests flow. We have connections all over the globe "who can give you a leg up!" Every soul has a role.

Give to Organizations that You Believe In

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Give to Organizations that You Believe In


On this site, our board will recommend organizations that we have vetted including those who are immensely popular already. So much good work going on, and it will become more to meet the overwhelming need. We will highlight these organizations in the blogs and on the home page. We want to facilitate avenues for you to give because you want to give. 

But do this in the right order. Be balanced, as we see in nature: ordered creation. Give after you believe that you have enough to share. And "sharing" builds your confidence that you are an active part of advancing God's Kingdom. Simple.

Amazon.com created a wonderful donation site called Simple Amazon. Scan the list of organizations and donate to what you believe in. 

Advancing God's Kingdom is a 501c3 that receives and spreads seeds of hope.  

Knowledge is a unit of measurement. Proper alignment between knowledge and action affects success - and true advancement builds true confidence. Grow here in our interactive online community, as we aspires to become a recommended resource for thorough education through the United Nations. We work with everyone, including you. 

Advancing God's Kingdom through you and whoever else wants to participate.