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You are invited to participate in this online community. You can expect to learn big picture ideas and small nuances that will assist you in connecting your ideas together. Start with this: God wants you and me to connect with Him and connect with others. "Love God, and love your neighbors as you love yourself." Let's look at some highlights about those ideas.

First, don't wait 'til death to meet your Maker. Connect with your Creator now. Please quickly identify the big ideas in your mind about "God the Creator."  How well do you understand the Godhead? The blog "Begin Now" introduces some basic human concepts and helps you build the footings for the foundation of your life. 

Second, connect with your neighbors. Your closest "neighbors" are those you interact with most, likely your family, then your workplace and recreation - those people you interact with. Then on a bigger scale, all the other cultures around you, even to people groups all over planet Earth. Learn about them, and find expressions to demonstrate your love.

A third point in this love triangle is you. It is implied that you love yourself, and this can be easy or excruciating, depending on your unique experiences and circumstances. How well do you understand your own life, the paths you've come through, and how that works together for good? Bottom line: humans are bent to favor ourselves over others, because we love ourselves and want to protect ourselves and make our lives extraordinary - okay, maybe just to survive is all we really want. More on this in the blogs.

The philosophers throughout the history of humanity have advised on these three connections: God, Others, Self.  Your participation in Advancing God's Kingdom has already been happening, even before your birth actually. So become more aware of what He planned, is executing, and will bring to pass. Get to know His plan that he has been working on since the very beginning. Learn it. Live it. Teach it. AdvancingGod'

It's a corrupted creation, and there is a way to get through it in pure joy, 100% joy. Learn how to balance these connections in a way that enhances your production of resources so that you enjoy plenty and have enough extra to share with others!

Organizations, Events, Radio, Television, Webinars

Literally there are billions of organizations/cultures operating simultaneously within the 193 established nations on Earth. Each soul has a personal culture, a family culture, a work culture, and other cultures for meals and entertainments. 

Each "culture" operates essentially the same way. They are man-made organizations of imperfect people, thus corrupted. Corruption demands two things: correction and forgiveness.  Cultures provide both. Test and approve the better practices by measuring with the narcissism sniff test. More on that in the blogs. 

Dr. Hulbert welcomes requests to participate in live corporate events as a guest teacher, preacher, communicator. Please contact the event coordinator for scheduling: 

Confidential Coaching Assistance

When you have any questions, concerns, or worries, our team of highly qualified counselors, including Dr. Hulbert, conduct FREE consultations. Depending on your needs, we can assist you in finding options for improving your performance. From personal relationships to income-generation strategies, we want to motivate your innovations that effect greater levels of peace, confidence, and production. 

Click on the Participate Now button, and let your requests flow. We have connections all over the globe "who can give you a leg up!" Every soul has a role.

Pray for Leaders

Leaders bear the weight of caring for others. Connect with Creator about care givers, and empathetically "feel their stress"! Ask God to grow your understanding of what others feel, and ask for comfort and wisdom: comfort and wisdom for them and for you as you move forward in your life full of challenges. Overcome challenges is the definition of "success"! Ask God to enable minds (both yours and the leaders) - minds focused on excellence, their hearts to strengthen in love, and their bodies to energize innovations for their cultures' betterment! It is so good to be alive!!!! This our time! Let's take it together! Advancing God's Kingdom!

Check the United Nations websites to learn about nations and cultures (both your's and others') ... All of whom are eager to build stronger peace-loving cooperation. But how? This is the heart of the United Nations! And there are so many desperately-needy souls on the globe. Today, take a small sequence of actions to support yourself to find another to support. Think, empathize, pray (and fellowship in their traumas) and then act! 

Act in whatever way "makes sense" to you. Just a little to start. You can always add more later!

Build confidence by overcoming challenges. Start with a little now. 

Use Google Earth to see your world. Learn the names and personalities of the nations' leadership teams. Feed your cultures by introducing a nation or two (or take on a continent) to concentrate on! Make it a family project to learn about your world. Enjoy!

And as you learn more, feed your curiosities. Figure out what interests you most, and take appropriate action that empowers the leaders' successful service to their citizens and guests. This simple outline (sequence) is one expression of your participation in building better nations faster. This is advancing God's Kingdom! Recognize what He is doing and join His effort!

Give to Organizations that You Believe In

On this site, our board will recommend organizations that we have vetted including those who are immensely popular already and those who may not want their names publicized. So much good work going on, and it will become more to meet the overwhelming need. We will highlight these organizations in the blogs and on the home page. We want to facilitate avenues for you to give because you want to give. 

But do this in the right order. Be balanced, as we see in nature: ordered creation. Give after you believe that you have enough to share. And "sharing" builds your confidence that you are an active part of advancing God's Kingdom. Simple. created a wonderful donation site called Simple Amazon. Scan the list of organizations and donate to what you believe in. 

Advancing God's Kingdom is a 501c3 that receives and spreads seeds of hope.  

Knowledge is a unit of measurement. Proper alignment between knowledge and action affects success - and true advancement builds true confidence. Grow here in our interactive online community, as we aspires to become a recommended resource for thorough education through the United Nations. We work with everyone, including you. 

Advancing God's Kingdom through you and whoever else wants to participate.

Share Your Feedback with the World

As you innovate improvements in your communities/cultures, you are advancing God's Kingdom. Please share your vision with the world. We have a platform here called "My Best Ideas." Ideas are like cells in the human body that can replicate to keep the body growing. You are invited to Participate Now ==> click the button and share your insights for helping others live a more abundant life!. 

Throughout this website, we want to share with the world the valuable educational processes that will feed your soul so that you have an abundance to share with others. There is water for all who are thirsty; and meatier materials for those with bigger appetites! 

As you connect with Creator, you feel His heart: "For God so loved the kosmos". He loves His creation, and went to great expense to provide perfection for all who will receive it. This is the Gospel of God's Kingdom. And for some polluted preachers like me, I'm just a begger who found a stash and there is so much here that I willing to invite whoever will come! Jesus tells the story of wedding feast that has a similar ring to it. You are invited. Why would you say "No Thanks" to perfection?

For us who said, "I'm all in!" ... this community is all about finding improvements to maximize our production for advancing God's Kingdom all over this planet!

Work with Creator 

  • to increase your appreciation of the satisfactions of peace and joy; 
  • to enhance your vision to see more clearly that your existence is perfectly corrected by Creator's actions; 
  • to understand "why and how" questions better
  • to participate in advancing God's Kingdom with 100% joy! 
  • to experience "living" that you never want to end. This is a foretaste of what eternal life means!

You were created to never cease, so start enjoying as much as you can as soon as you can. Learn what this means: CREATOR CREATED CREATURES CORRUPTED SON SAVES KING WILL COME AGAIN.

About Us

Personal Development

We can help you develop a customized plan that will enable you to understand your life, your gifts, and how to make consistently greater impact in your cultures.

So, why live?  What is it about the human condition that empowers us to get up to face a new day? This is the routine (night and day) of our existence. And as your better understand yourself, your culture, and your present situations, knowledge will guide you to progress more confidently. 

Let's figure out how you can empower your soul toward improvement.


Our Projects

Learning is the central skill of innovation. 

Dr. Hulbert writes blogs to help him (and those who read) to better understand his experiences. Those experiences are full of numerous thought processes that he tries to capture in prose. It's not like reading a newspaper - its more poetic than that (at least it is for him).

The blogs may excite your imagination about how you can advance your progress. Our hope is that you will want to see the full processes. As you learn more, you will inspire your creativity to innovate your cultures.

We impact individuals so they can impact their cultures. This will improve communities all over the Earth. These are the underlying themes of civilizations throughout history. This is how Creator advances His Kingdom. Building stronger souls who build better cultures where freedom empowers innovation.

Kingdom Investor Group

Like you, we must generate income streams to "pay for" expenses ... and also like you, we want more production so that we can give to those who have need. 

Kingdom Investor Group will teach you "how to fish" in your culture, so that you can be an example that others now want to follow.

Millions of career opportunities await discovery. Get started now. Learn a craft that can develop into a career.

Professionally, Dr. Hulbert works as a Retirement Benefits Counselor with the Lotter Group in Newport Beach, CA. He alongside his wife Joyce, who is a rockstar in this business, primarily work with public school employees throughout California. Soon they will be certified as Registered Investment Advisors, so they can educate just about anyone anywhere on the planet. 

Click on the website below to learn about securing your FREE consultation. Saving money so that you don't have to work for the rest of your life is just a simple plan. Handle your talents efficiently as a good steward of the cash your gifts generate.


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